Plants per m2: 10 – 16
Seeds per gram: 250 – 350
Sowing Depth: 1 cm
Spacing in Row: 45 cm
Spacing Between Rows: 90 cm
Maturity: 95 days
Nutritional Value: Vit A & C, Fibre


Jampact is a unique multiple disease resistant Roma type processing variety. The firm sweet fruit is high in lycopene which is a proven antioxidant. Determinate, medium maturing, high yielding vigorous hybrid of excellent quality. Fruit are uniform, tasty and very firm. Ideal for cooking and salads.


Seasons  Winter  Spring  Summer  Autumn
How to Sow:  Seed Trays  Seed Beds  Peat Pots  Direct
Shading:  Full Sun  Semi-Shade  Shade