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Excitement fills the air as we signal the arrival of Spring 2023, a season that marks a remarkable milestone – the Golden Anniversary of the iconic MayFord hermetically sealed seed packet. In celebratory style, we launch a ‘Celebration Pack’ version of our equally famous Meadow Mix, which we have renamed Pollinator Flower Mix. Bursting with 30% more seeds, this offering promises an explosion of colour and bliss in your garden, reminiscent of the original launch theme “What a Wonderful World”.


First-to-market in Spring 1973, we permanently changed the way seed is sold in southern Africa. For the first time ever, seed was sealed in foil for freshness. We are often asked what ‘hermetically sealed’ actually means, and why it is so important. The definition of the word hermetic means airtight, so a hermetically sealed packet simply means we have sealed out all oxygen and moisture. However, before filling and heat-sealing the packet we first dry the seed to a safe moisture content so that once sealed, the three vital elements for seed starting; moisture, oxygen and light are fully sealed out. This achieves perfect conditions for preservation of the seed, extending shelf life by more than half a decade, and this is your guarantee of freshness. Perfectly preserved, sheer quality seed, waiting only for you to open the packet and to start sowing.


While there are several other legendary features of the foil hanger pack, it is important to acknowledge that this entire innovative concept was the brainchild of the visionary former owner of MayFord Seeds, Mike Zingel (endearingly known as the Originator). Assisting him was the sharp sales specialist (referred to as the Implementor), Mark Sachs who was employed in 1973 specifically to launch the brand-new MayFord seed packet concept. Mark went on to become the first MD of Sakata Seed Southern Africa post the acquisition of MayFord by Sakata in 1999. His unwavering dedication spanning 49 years, a mere year shy of the Golden Anniversary, speaks volumes. Speaking of golden honors, both Mike and Mark have secured their places as lifetime members of SANA (South African Nursery Association). They proudly share the distinction of being recipients of the exclusive SANA Gold Medal, the highest honour granted by the association.

Mike Zingel

Mark Sachs

SANA Gold Medal

Pollinator Flower Mix – Meadow Mix

We all have a little wildness in us passed on to us by our wild ancestors. No wonder that we find the MayFord Meadow Mix incites our instincts. Strolling in or observing a meadow of flowers conjures up all sorts of visions of beauty, virility, gaiety and fragrance.  In our organised lives of straight lines and cement buildings we need to have a mosaic of random color to rest our regimented minds. 


Meadow Mix is the answer.  A splash of wildness in your garden designed to maintain itself!