“From Sowing to Growing and Educating In-between” – MayFord and Laerskool Muldersdrift Kleuter Akademie Join Forces for a Thriving Vegetable Garden Initiative.

by | Aug 15, 2023 | News

MayFord Seeds has partnered with Laerskool Muldersdrift Kleuter Akademie in an inspiring collaboration known as the Vegetable Garden Project, aimed at imparting valuable knowledge to young minds about growing their own food.

Commencing on the 10th of February, the dedicated MayFord team embarked on an enlightening journey with the children, educating them on the crucial first step – THE ART OF SEED SOWING. Encouraging an eco-conscious approach, each child contributed by bringing their own biodegradable egg cartons from home, which were resourcefully repurposed as eco-friendly seedling trays.


The assortment of sown seeds included a selection of seasonal vegetables, from vibrant lettuces to crunchy carrots, hearty beetroots, robust cabbages, and the ever-resilient Swiss chard. Anticipating the upcoming winter growing season, peas and broad beans were also thoughtfully sown.


Fast forward six months, and the garden bore the fruit of the children’s diligent efforts – a bountiful harvest! The enthusiastic youngsters joyfully harvested bundles of Swiss chard, carrots, cabbage, and beetroots, alongside a flourishing yield of beans and peas.


The children were presented with the invaluable opportunity to showcase their harvest and engage in commerce by selling their produce to the families within the school community.


This activity beautifully demonstrated the journey of self-sufficiency, enlightening children on not only the art of growing food but also the art of entrepreneurship.